Collection of Damsels in Distress scenes from movies and artwork


[Oct 31, 2010]
Added 3 new videos in Mainstream movies section.


[March 1, 2010]
Back after a long trip and finally able to resume the updates. Added 2 new videos in Mainstream movies section and fixed the links in "manip videos" section.



[Dec 12, 2009]
Added 2 new videos in Mainstream movies section.



[Dec 05, 2009]
Added 2 new videos in Mainstream movies section. I tried to fix the size for a better view.

Added a section for my own poser work. Check out "3D stories".

Links section updated.

I have got some anime videos that I didn't see around yet, so I will add a new section for this soon.



[Nov 27, 2009]
Site is launched. Navigate using the right menu and see what is currently available.

You will find here videoclips from my collection of movies, I edit them myself and feature them here in an easy streaming format. This site is in test period. Updates and more sections will come soon.

Thanks to sedena.net for provinding me the hosting and necessary knowledge.


Any comment or contribution are welcome.


Email : jeckyllish@yahoo.com

What is about

Videoclips captured from my collection of mainstream movies. These clips feature Damsels in Distress, not to say damsels in bondage :-) Some of these movies are hard to find now.

Some clips might have set ups or other scenes if I find interest in them, I like set up, and I like bitchy girls :-)

You will see also a "Manip Videos" section. Since did's fans manipulate pictures for years, why not to do it with videos? Take a look and any submission/suggestion is welcome.

"Other videos" section is for everything that does not involve mainstream media.

Enjoy :-)

3D Stories