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Update : December 20, 2014

Brand New Movie : "A terrifying setup" - part 2 - 12 min 30 - 1920X720 HD

Starring Newcomer MICHELLE & Gina

Both girls get chloroformed again despite their strugglings, to wake up tied up back to back, and naked. Gagged with a ballgag for Michelle and tape wrapped around her head and used as cleavegag for Gina.

The intruder teases them again. Their struggle has a little success and Michelle succeeds to free her feet and tries to escape. She is quickly grabbed and thrown on the sofa, wherethe guy has his way with her...

Then come Gina's turn, he forces her on her knees and abuse of her...


TAGS: chloroform, two naked girls tied up back to back, ropes bindings, tape/cleavegag, ballgag, abuse,...


Previous Updates :

"A terrifying setup" - part 1 - 19 min 13 - 1920X720 HD

Starring Newcomer MICHELLE & Gina

It all started like the classical horror movie...and indeed they were supposed to revive that B-movie they were all acting a few years ago, when they were students at the Dramatic Art School. It was just supposed to be an old students meeting in that creepy old countryside house.... If only that weather would have been less rainy and freezing outside... thinks Gina, as she finds herself alone, obviously the first one arrived.

A masked guy will suddenly break her thoughts, putting a chloroform soaked rag on her mouth and noose, then drag the unconscious girl inside...

The next victim, Michelle, is running under the rain to reach that house... she screams discovering Gina unconscious on the floor, but is quickly chloroformed as well...

Both girls will be tied up with ropes, gagged and blindfolded...

They wake up one after the other...starts to struggle and moan through their gag,...

They try to free each other...but the masked stranger is watching...

To be continued


TAGS: SET UP SEVERAL MODELS, ON SCREEN TYING UP/GAGGING/BLINDFOLDING, ropes bindings, Stuff+cleavegag, blindfold, chloroform, on-screen chlor Sturggling, fondling,...


Movie : "Troubles amongst Gipsies" - 24 min 55 - 1920X720 HD

There are some blood bindings between gipsies families and when Karina comes to visit her far cousin, she first feels good ...

When her cousin, the witch kind, starts to predict her future, and reveals herself as a lesbian, Karina can't resist and they make it out...

They have sex together... but their orgasms wakes up the gipsy husband sleeping next door ...

He bursts into the room, threatning both girls with a gun..but his wife knows how to calm him down, she talks about money her cousin has...

They tie Karina up on a chair, gag her...but the guy is not satisfied..and knocks his wife out ...she will wake up bound and gagged as well...


TAGS: gipsy girls story, erotic set up,lesbian sex, cleave gag, bound with ropes, Knock out, OTM, two girls in distress,...


Brand New Movie : "SWITCH OF DUTY" - 23 min 28 - 1920X720 HD

War is unfortunately raging these days on the east european front...and some officers found advantages in it...fucking the youngest recruited girls freshly called on duty...

Private Jody is one of them, she is led to that officer, and does her duty ... giving him a blowjob...he then sends her back to her sentry job without other form.

Jody is outside now , unaware a girl from the rebellion has been assignated to murder the officer and is hiding in a corner waiting for the proper time to act.

As the officer leaves his room, Jody gets back in for a moment, it is cold in this time of the year. The rebel sneaks behind her and chloroforms her, steals her uniform and wears it herself , then ties up the unfortunate private in her underwear.

As the officer comes back, he is surprised to find an "unknown" private in front of the door... He is suspiscious and threat the girl at gunpoint, forcing her inside, and discovering the real soldier trussed up in bra and panties. He does not free her, as a lesson for having failed in duty,but ties up and gags the intruder as well. He leaves both girls struggling...


TAGS: UNIFORM STEALING, erotic set up, army girls, chloroform, ropes, knotted gag, tape bindings and wrapped gag, on-screen undressing/dressing up, underwear,...


Previous Updates :

"Bound for Pleasure"

A vignette starring Lory, naked and wearing high thight boots, and Gina, wearing leather boots and jacket. Both of them are bound and gagged, Gina in frogtie. While Lory is slowely forced to orgasm by the vibrator tied to her leg, Gina gets it with the vibing thing forced inside her...

TAGS; Leather, boots, forced orgasm, ballgag,...


"Horny Burglars in Trouble" - 24.54 minutes - 1920X720 HD

Starring NEWCOMER LORY & Gina


Lory and Gina are two lesbian lovers, but also thieves by nature, they also love leather, pvc, latex and especially stockings and shiny pantyhoses,... so when they break in that house, they naturally wear all of them... they search the place for valuables...but in the same time..they can not help...they got aroused by each other...Fatal mistake as the owner of the house, pervert himself, surprises them and forces them, at gunpoint, to gag themselves with panties. He then forces Gina to tie Lory up with ducttape, wrists and ankles...then comes Gina's turn....They are raped ... frantically struggling to escape...not to avail...

TAGS: Two girls, pantyhose fetish, stocking fetish, pvc fetish, leather fetish, latex gloves fetish, boots fetish, forced self gagging, gagged with panties, bound with ductape, thieves, stocking over head, ...


"Don't fuck with the car washer" - 25.45 minutes - 1920X720 HD


Karina, a wealthy and arrogant slut, goes to a carwash and as she is used to starts to bother the new employee there. Little thing she knows that new girl, Gina, is a lesbian, former convict and recently out of a mental institution...

It does not take long for the discussion between them to raise up and for Gina to get back to her old demons. As Karina is turning back to her, Gina uses a wrench to knock Karina out.

The rest is pure lesbian torture, Gina will choke Karina till she passes out again, then will tie her up with ropes, and gags her...enjoying watching this little brat struggling and moaning as Gina trow her prey inside her car's trunk....

TAGS; Slutty victim, knock out, pantyhose, choking till victim passes out, cleave gag, rope, kidnapping, , bound in car trunk, ...


"GIRLS GAMES" - 21 minutes - 1920X720 HD

Starring JODY & GINA

Two lesbian roommates with special sexual tastes, they find their excitement chloroforming, tying up and gagging each other... till a mysterious gloved intruder grabs them both...

TAGS; F/F chloroform , lesbians, hogtie , stuff & cleavegag, sexy attire, frogtie, tapegag, F/F fondling and masturbation,hand over mouth,both girls tied together, ...


"Fetishist Thieves" - 25 min 02

Starring Newcomer JODY & GINA


"Strange Invasion" - 26 min 12

Starring Newcomer FAYTH & GINA

Fayth is a young girl reading at home after school and listening music. She does not hear the female masked intruder sneaking behind her, and suddenly chloroforming her,... Unconscious, she is stripped, kissed and fondled by the unknown lesbian attacker. She wakes up ball-gagged and tied up with ropes and struggles for a while, till the intruder comes back to her victim, naked as well, save for her boots and ski mask. The masked criminal kisses and starts to play with the bound girl, penetrating, raping her using a dildo, eventually reaching the climax herself. Little thing she knows they have been spied for a moment by Fayth's stepfather, a monster who is abusing the young girlr for a while, and enjoys the scene. As Gina, the masked lesbian intruder, is screaming in pleasure, the guy hits her on the head, instantely knocking her out. He takes off Fayth's gag for a moment, the girl begging for him to untie her, but eventually puts the gag back into her mouth, and gags Gina as well, taking her mask off and stuffing it into her mouth, then securing it with a sock. He then ties Gina with ropes, and waits for her to recover. Both girls are soon helpless, struggling and moaning through their gags, the night promises to be long for them....

TAGS; F/F chloroform , lesbian fondling, BALL-GAG , Lesbian rape with dildo, Bound with ropes, Female intruder masked/booted, long struggling solo, Lesbian intruder knocked out by male, Both girls eventually struggling together, bound and gagged, saliva from Ball-gag, ...


XXX/bondage Movie : "Date With Hell" - 31 min 32

Starring MYA

Mya and her date return to his place. She has her hair down and dangling earrings. She is wearing black sheer to the waist pantyhose with no panties and heels. As she looks around he sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. She puts up a big struggle but slowly slips to the floor. He drags her to the bedroom and tosses her on the bed. He takes her shoes off and moves her around in different positions as he fondles her breast and nyloned legs. He removes her dress and fondles and licks her tits. He moves her into different positions as he fondles her legs and crotch. As he slowly fondles her he becomes aroused and forces himself into her mouth. After he is finished he moves back to her feet and legs. He begins to slowly lick and nibble at her feet and legs as he slowly works his way up to her crotch. She begins to slowly come around ashe licks her crotch through her pantyhose. She begins to become aroused slowly as he continues to lick. She begins to squirm around and moan as she reaches an orgasm. Her body twitches several times as she orgasms. As she catches her breath he moves around to overpower her again, chocking her, then proceeds to tie her up with rope, and gags her with duct tape. He leaves the unconscious girl for a while. She wakes up finding herself bound and gagged, including a crotch rope, and wearing her pantyhose only. She starts to struggle for several minutes to no avail.He comes back later, unties her legs and partially rips her panties off, then abuses her....

TAGS; chloroform knockout , body handling, fondling, emphasis on pantyhose , unconscious blowjob, forced orgasm , GAGGED WITH DUCTAPE BOUND WITH ROPES, crotchrope, long struggling solo, fucked while bound and gagged,.....




Starring Gina & New Girl Sylvana

Gina, a mob's girlfriend is actually lesbian and very interested in their new maid Sylvana. As they are alone for a moment, she starts to kiss and touch the shy girl who can not resist for long to gina's arguments...She forces the maid on the couch and fondles, kisses and gropes her. The maid eventually gets in the play as well and they have sex...humping each other, using dildos and strap on's...

They have great sex and multiple orgasms...till a masked and gloved guy suddenly bursts into the room, grabbing Gina's own gun and threatening both girls with it, forcing them on their knees, hands on head...

Both girls are soon tied up, together face to face, and silenced, being cleave-gagged despites their beggings..

The masked intruder soon left, having found what he was looking for, not without some giggles as he left the both girls in a position that allows them some more fun...

Gina and the maid first struggle and moans, trying to call for help through their gags. But as their bodies wiggle, they soon feel like turned on being trussed up this way...and the struggles become mutual pleasure for the girls, every single move from one giving more to the other...leading them to more orgasms...

Keywords: set up and full lesbian sex, home invasion, cleave gag, ropes, girls enjoying themselves being tied up and gagged together, sexy outfits, ...


"Abuse of Power" - 22 min 07

Starring new model MYA

A cop investigating a drug trafic finds Mya masturbating after her lesbian friends left... He is very violent guy and wants to find what he is looking for. He ties Mya up and gags she tries to escape, he even hogties her.

Once the drug is found, he wants to taste it...the effects turn him into a beast that is going to rape the young bound and gagged girl....

Keywords: set up, lesbian, girl masturbating, cop intrusion, bound with ropes, cleave gag, hogtied, strugglings, blowjob, rape, damsel in distress, xxx,...

"A Very Bad Day" - 18 min 52

All started this morning, I was taking some fresh air on my balcony when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind and put a smelly rag over my mouth and noose. I struggled not to avail and soon felt...unconscious...

Dont really know what happened next, till I woke up, I felt I was restrained somehow, I tried to move my lips first, but, they were sealed by tape, then I tried to move a bit more, in order to take that tape off my mouth first...but......God , I was tied up, hands and feet, with tape as well... I was still recovering..and started to struggle to get free... when I heard that delivery man ringing the door, my hope...

When I finally saw him through the window, I thought I was saved...but that moron suddenly got aroused and had another idea...guess which one...

That one was really a bad day!

Keywords: Chloroform, boots, velvet pants, tape bindings,wrapped tape gag, onscreen binding and gagging, strugglings, abuse, 2 different attackers, intrusion,...



"GOTH GIRL's Nightmare" - 12 min 16

A young goth girl vanishes from the party for a quick smoke in the garage...she will never show up again....

Chloroformed, she is kidnapped and dragged away. She wakes up bound and gagged on the floor... struggling not to avail, she is soon molested and violatedby her masked tormentor...

Keywords: Chloroform, rebel girl outfit, leather jacket, short skirt, boots, ropes, wrapped tape gag, strugglings, abuse, captor wearing gloves and mask,...


"TRANCE" - 24 min 47

Emmanuelle and Dave are from a local news station assigned to do a live report to give the viewing audience a taste of the season. They are doing a special report on a local house that is said to be haunted by an infamous serial rapist, "Crooked Jack," of bygone days, who was executed for kidnappings, sexually molesting and torturing female victims in this very home, now owned by current owner Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey claims to be a psychic, and has given the news station permission to do the special news report in his home. Specifically, Dave and Emmanuelle are to do a pre-recorded live séance with Mr. Harvey as a Halloween special treat.

The séance doesn't turn as expected as the criminal'spirit possesses the medium, and later the cameraman, in order to fullfill its taste for bondage, rape,and torture on the young reporter....

Keywords: set-up, fight and ko, possession, XXX rape, victim tied up with stockings, stuff and cleave gag, ON-SCREEN tying up, clothes taken off ON-SCREEN, forced blowjob, etc,...



"Plastic Thrill" - 30 min 25

starring Gina

CUSTOM MOVIE : Gina started to be known as fetish model buy many photographers... but a wealthy guy wanted more from her...much more...he sent one of his henchwomen to kidnap her...Gina is chloroformed in bed, and dragged to her "new owner" 's hideout...She is tied up, wrap-gagged with ducttape, fondled...She wakes up struggling , moaning and fighting against her bonds...and soon finds out what her tormentors are up to...they are obsessed by plastic, both of them, that lesbian who is fondling her now, and that strange guy, sitting in a corner, who's masturbating watching her predicament!

Gina is soon trapped into a full plastic bag, one of those used to keep clothes from dust...Hard to breath...both the captors start to sexually enjoy her body wrapped in plastic... then they start to wrap her body up using cling film....

Keywords: set-up, chloro, Lesbian and guy kidnappers, ductape, wrapped tape gag, plastic bodybag, cling film, full body wrapped, molestation,...



CUSTOM MOVIE : This hooker has been hired to satisfy a weird fantasy for a client, dancing for the devil! She first finds it funny as she is slowly moving her ass for this guy dressed in red and wearing a devil mask...but as he shows up a strange red necklace, things turn different. She suddenly can not take her eyes from the jewelery anymore and soon looses consciousness, hyptnotized...

She wakes up later tied up on a chair. She feels something big in her mouth, and realized she has been gagged as well with a harness ball-gag tightly fixed around her head...she vainly starts to moan and wigglesaround, and eventually falls from the chair while the maniac watches her strugglings...

He carries her on a couch, pull down her short and shirt, and rapes her...

Keywords : hypnose, devil fantasy, harness ball-gag, bound with ropes, explicite rape ( hardcore), cut-off jeans, hooker, sexy dancing, etc...



"WICKED LESBIAN" - 19 min 45

Starring Patricia & Emmanuelle


Patricia , the shy girl is reading on her bed, then gets some naughty thoughts..she starts to touch herself..

Emmanuelle, the perverted lesbian girl is watching her for a while before she decides to rape that naughty blond girl...

She makes her approach, teases and kisses her, then suddenly puts a pillow over Patricia's face, suffocating her till she passes out...

Patricia will wake up...bound and cleave-gagged, to be violated by the crazy Emmanuelle...

Keywords : Lesbian, ko by pillow suffocation, cleave gag, bound with ropes, female masturbation, ...



"THE EX OBSESSION" - 17 min 05

Starring Emmanuelle

Emmanueele is a sweet girl and loves to live...she just has one default, she is not aware that she looks like Paul's ex girlfriend. He kidnaps her as she gets in her car, threatning her with a gun, and takes her to an underground place.

He puts a piece of tape over her mouth to gag her, then forces her to undress. The crying girl doesn't have choice. She gets undress in undies. Then he ties her hands and feet, using tape, and starts his ritual...

He forces on her to wear the dress his ex girlfriend was often wearing, she is tied up so he puts it himself on her as he can, then sprays his ex's favourite perfume all over her body...All this is a part of his ritual, what makes him horny....He rapes her, then tapes her tighter on the chair before leaving her there..struggling and moaning for a while..He comes abuse her again...but it is just the beginning of her torment, he shows up a dildo....

Keywords : Kidnapping, maniac, tape gag, wrapped tape gag, tape bindings, horror, obsession,...


"THE JOGGER" - 31 min 52


A hot sexy slim girl gets in the bathroom after some jogging and outside physical training, she is obssessed by her body and do everything to keep it in good shape. She grabs a towel and wipes her sweaty face, then drops it on a chair and drink water from a bottle...

Someone sneaks in her back...her ex boyfriend? A jealous lover? or someone else...? He silently takes the towel and tightens it between his fists...then suddenly attacks her, choking her from behind, till she loses consciousness...

He drags the KO girl to the chair and uses a cutter to rip her tee-shirt off, then takes time to fondl

e her before using her ripped clothes to tie her up, wrists and ankles. He uses the cutter to tear the towel apart as well and uses it to gag his victim and secure her to the chair ...

She wakes up and vainly struggles to get free for a while then the guy shows up holding a bottle of alcohol he found...he begins playing with her, dropping the liquid on her body and licking it from her soft skin, before abusing her,...

Keywords : Set-up, clothes torn on-screen, neck fetish, chair bound, bound with torn clothes, unconsciousness, knot gag, gagged with towel, fondling, tying up on-screen, teasing, rape ,...



XXX Movie : "RAPED BY THE GANG...AGAIN!" - FULL MOVIE - 32 min 41

Starring LUANA

Luana accepted to be witness at the trial of the gang that raped her a few months ago ( see "The Gang" movie). But due to some procedural irregularity, they are free now...and angry...

They decide to visit the girl's appartment and one more time...

kidnapping, gang rape, XXX sex, bound with tape, tied AOH (arms over head) with ropes, foot fetish, humiliation, bound to legs spreader, chairtied, BODY WRITING ,...




Two girls, who rented a villa for a week, are gossiping in the garden, unaware they are being watched by the gardener. Especially one of them, a "teen" looking girl in short dress. As her friend leaves her to make a call, the "gardener" feels his time has come ...he sneaks behind the young girl and quickly grabs her mouth and throat ... preventing her to scream and keeping her in a sleeperhold that soon makes her pass out... Still unsure of his next move, he drags the unconscious girl away but is suddenly facing her girlfriend...He has no choice but to act fast... He overpowers her and beats her till she pases out as well...

Lolly, the youngest girl, is the first one to wake up, being tightly bound in a front hogtie and gagged by a rag over her mouth...she starts to struggle and try to scream through her gag when she discovers her friend tied up as well in a corner of the garage, still unconscious and gagged over the mouth as well...

As she turns over she sees the gardener staying in front of her...she is in panic, he grabs her and starts to fondle her, then rapes her.. While Camelia slowly recovers...

Both girls are now struggling and moaning through their gag meanwhile one is raped and the other is fondled...

Once done with it, the gardener takes a few minutes break...Lolly takes that chance to free Camelia's hands... But the guy suddenly comes back and ties Camelia's wrists again, then pick up Lolly from the floor to have her staying hands tied over her head...hanging from the ceiling...


Keywords : Set-up, HOM ( Hand Over Mouth), Sleephold, FRONT HOGTIE,OMG ( GAGGED OVER THE MOUTH), Damsels in distress, rape, AOH ( Arms Over the Head bondage), ...


XXX Movie : A DEVIOUS "JOHN" - 17 min 55


Student Christina makes some "extra" money dating guys online and receiving them at her place for sexual "services". She is pleasantly surprised to find out her new " client" is a good looking guy, well builded and rather nice, even looking a bit shy... a change from her usual dates... After the preliminaries, Christina starts dancing, then knees in front of him for the real deal to begin...His face suddenly changes, he grabs her and throws her onto the bed,pinning her face down, then ties her hands in her back with a scarf he had in his pocket. Christina does not understand and tries to fight back, asking him what is he doing ... but the only answer she gets is to be have her own scarf suddenly stuffed in her mouth and tied around her head...

She turns over and struggles as he is leaving a few seconds to come back with ropes... she is really scared now as he starts to bind her legs up ...

She is soon all tied up like a turkey. She tries to scream for help but her voice is muffled by the gag now secured by a knot inside her mouth...He slowly get undress, fondles her while masturbating himself, pust a condom on his erected dick, then violates her....

Once done, he laughs playing with the now full condom on disgusted and scared Christina's face. He leaves the girl struggling in the painful bindings and moaning much more through the gag as she is now alone and hoping for help...


Keywords : Set-up, dancing, black dress and boots, XXX sex, cleave/knot gag using own victim scarf, ropes, hands tied with scarf, rape, scarf fetish, ...

XXX Movie : "THE GANG" - full movie - 37 min 16


A young Blond Girl is stalked to her home by 3 rough guys, they surprise her as she gets in , take her clothes off, gag her with ductape and tie her wrists with ropes. Then keeping her down on the couch, abuse and torment her...

Keywords : kidnapping, gang rape, XXX sex, tape gag, ropes, foot fetish, intense and realistic acting by our new model Luana!

XXX Movie : "ABDUCTION GOES WRONG 2" - PART 2 - 12 min 54

(continued from part 1)... The hitwoman keeps on raping the bound hostage when the biker suddenly shows up ... He does not appreciate what he sees, the bitch hasnot been paid for this... he knocks her out...

As she wakes up, she founds herself naked , bound , gagged , and laying on the floor next to the hostage...

The ransom has been paid but the guy has no plan to free the kidnapped girl, either the accomplice...

Instead, he is going to have some fun with those 2 helpless girls, struggling and moaning, and will rape them one by one...


Keywords : kidnapping, rape, XXX sex, cleave-gag, ropes, knock out, 2 girls, lesbian rape, etc...


XXX Movie : "ABDUCTION GOES WRONG 2" - PART 1- 15 min 35


The leader of a wild biker gang hires a merciless hitwoman to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man...She grabs the innocent girl in her student room, at the college, chloroforms her, ties her up (on screen) and takes her to the gang's hideout...

The girl wakes up tied up on a chair, gagged and blindfolded...she is briefly ungagged and forced to make a call to her father by her masked captors, the gang's leader dressed in leather and the hitwoman. After some struggling, she eventually succeeds to untie herself and tries to run away. But she is caught again ... and she can see their faces this time... They tie her up, and gag her again,...

The guy lets the hostage under the watch of the hitwoman, not knowing she is also a depraved lesbian... and meanwhile he is away, she starts to rape the innocent girl...

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2...where both girls will become victims...

Keywords : Set up, kidnapping, hitwoman, mask, bondage, chloroform, blindfold, rape,cleave-gag, ropes, escape attempt, 2 girls, lesbian rape, etc...



XXX Movie : "MAD DOCTOR" - PART 2- 11 min 52


Tanya is now struggling and moaning, bound and gagged next to Petra...The mad doctor unties Petra legs, and rapes her again while fondling Tanya's breasts... then he suddenly switch from a girl to the other ...and forces Tanya on her belly, before taking her ...


Keywords: set-up, throat/tongue play, fondling, CHLOROFORM, medical blouse, skirt, sleepy, on-screen undressing, ON-SCREEN TYING UP AND GAGGING, cleave-gags, ropes, rape while bound and gagged, xxx hardcore, guy masturbates watching struggling girls tied up and gagged, forced blowjob, 2 girls tied up and struggling on the floor, etc..


XXX Movie : "MAD DOCTOR" - PART 1- 22 min 33


Petra visits a doctor for a throatache, she is introduced to the medic by his assistant Tanya and he starts to check her up. But the doctor's hands are shaking he takes some pills himself, what looks really weird to the new patient. He haven't told anyone he is suffering of some mental disorder since he broke up with his wife... today this young body will make him definitively fall in madness...

He checks her throat using a wooden stick, and almost makes her choke with it, he apologizes and asks her to take her blouse off. She finds it again strange for a throatache, but he is the doctor...Now he starts to touch her in a very unusual way for a doctor...she begins to be scared.

He takes a bottle out of a drawer and soaks a handkerchief with the liquid, then suddenly grabs her and chloroforms her...

He slowly undresses her , then ties her up and gags her, then seats down and masturbates watching the young naked girl bound and gagged till she wakes up and starts to struggle... He then forces her on her knees and rapes her...

Hearing some strange noises from the doctor's office, Tanya, the assistant comes in... She is quickly overpowered by the doctor, who became fully insane, and forces her to a blowjob, before having her naked as well, bound, gagged and struggling next to Petra, the patient,...



Keywords: set-up, throat/tongue play, fondling, CHLOROFORM, medical blouse, skirt, sleepy, on-screen undressing, ON-SCREEN TYING UP AND GAGGING, cleave-gags, ropes, rape while bound and gagged, xxx hardcore, guy masturbates watching struggling girls tied up and gagged, forced blowjob, 2 girls tied up and struggling on the floor, etc..



"FIGHTER" - 29 min 29

Starring Lolly

Superheroine or Vilainess kinda movie...with defeat and more...

The girl in catsuit is a profesional assassin...she didn't know where her target was leaving so succeeded to hide in the trunk of his car to his location...

She let him in before to sneak out of the car, being armed of her katana, and chase him in his own house...

She is now behind him, carefuly sneaking to her prey, and raises her katana in order to execute him in the traditional way of her clan, by beheading...

But the target is not an usual one, he is one trained to martial arts and feels her presence, or rather hears the sound of her heels. He quickly turns and in a fast move disarms his attacker...

They fights, she succeeds to put him down, but he takes her with him in his fall...

He chokes her while she tries to reach the nearby katana, she succeeds to grab it but he is stronger, and she looses it again...he keeps on choking her, then wraps his legs around her throat....she eventually passes away...

He handcuffs her, then cleave-gags her...

As she slowely recovers, he starts to fondle her body, this rough bimbo in this outfit aroused him...but she is full of surprises yet and kicks him in the balls. He falls on the floor in pain as she gets back on her feet in a jump.

Although her wrists are cuffed in her back and gagged, she fights like a demon with the guy, using her legs to kick him... and putting him down again. She jumps on his face and starts choking him with her booted leg. She squeezes his neck as tight as she can, unable to use her own hands as they are cuffed in her back. She wants to yell her unger but it just remains muffled by her gag...

He finally punches her on the face and succeeds to get rid of her lethal grip... She is KO again...

He has to secure her better this time, so he tightly bounds her with ropes...ankles, wrists...crotch....with ropes, in order to make her unable to move...and add ducttape on thecurrent gag...

As she wakes up, she is now totally at his mercy, he unzips her catsuit till revealling her asshole, plays with the crotch rope, and rapes her in the ass...

He then left her struggling and moaning on the floor, planning to keep her as sex slave .... as a warning to his enemies...


Keywords: set-up, superheroine, villainess, karate, pvc, catsuit, boots, KO, multiple choking, sleeperhold using legs, SLEEPY, handcuffs, cleavegag, girl fighting, girl tied tight with ropes, ON-SCREEN TYING UP, tape gag, crotch rope, fondling, abuse while bound and gagged,etc..



XXX Movie : "ABDUCTION GOES WRONG" - 23 min 03

Starring NEWCOMER Gabriela

A man that works as a driver for a wealthy family pays a ruthless kidnapper to abduct the sweet young daughter in order to get a large ransom. It begins with the man walking up to a car and handing the driver an envelope with money and an address written on a piece of paper of where to take the girl after grabbing her. The two agree on the terms of the kidnapping.

We see the girl home alone reading a book. She is suddenly grabbed from behind and chloroformed by the, now masked, kidnapper. She fights but eventually goes out. The man quickly picks her up and carries her out to his car. He goes to work tying her up on screen. He uses rope to tie her ankles together and her hands behind her back. When done he closes the trunk, hops into the driver's seat, and drives off with the girl.

The girl wakes up in a basement tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. The man who arranged the kidnapping comes in, to find the kidnapper fondling the victim, he does not like this and pushes the kidnapper away! When done, he makes a ransom call to her rich parents. He removes her gag briefly and forces her to beg her parents for release. When the phone call is done, the kidnapper puts her gag back and the two men both leave the room. The girl struggles to get loose. She fights the ropes. Eventually she is able to get one hand free, and eventually gets out of the ropes. She pulls her gag down so it is hanging by her neck and gets up to make a run for safety, but both men return. The girl is shocked because she recognizes the unmasked man as her family's driver. They quickly grab her and chloroform her again. The man behind the kidnapping realizes they can't let her go now that she knows he's behind it... scared, he decides to quit...and lets the unfortunate victim into the hands of the kidnapper...

The maniac is now free to fulfill his darkest fantasies...He grabs the still semi-unconsciousbound and gagged girl, takes her gag off and forces her to a blowjob, before to force her onto a nearby washing machine and,after having put her gag back and untied her leg, tears her pantyhose apart and abuse her...

Keywords: set-up, kidnapping, pantyhose fetish, chloroform, high heels, bondage, cleavegag and blindfold, ransom story, torn pantyhose, abuse while bound and gagged, xxx hardcore, blowjob,...


"OFFICE TROUBLE" - 32 min 33

Starring Lara Fabianoli

A working girl in sexy attire and stockings is taking a break in her office, taking her shoes off and relaxing for a few minutes, unaware a collaegue of her is passing by and discretly watching her, through the half open door...

Fetishist of bondage and feet, he gets aroused by the scene...and starts to dream about tying up her sexy colleague...even using her own trash bag to gag her...( dream sequence)...

But reality suddenly hits him as she notices him and slamps the door in his face...

Later...while she went to the restroom....he gets into her office...really mad, all the others employees already left, he will wait for her...

He grabs her from behind, putting a hand over her mouth...till she passes out...

He carries her on the desk, takes her clothes off, heavily ties her up and gags her before to rape her to finally fullfill his fantasy...

Keywords: set-up, working girl, skirt suit and black stockings, red heels, chairbound with stockings... tape and tie( mix), on-screen tying up, cleave-gagged with plastic trash bag taken from the bin in her office, foot fetish, foot play by the girl with stockings, smothering, hand over mouth, ko by smothering, unconscious body , undressing, carrying, fondling, bound with tape, gagged both with cleavegag and tape wrapped around the head, ass rape,...


"MAID & ROBBERS" - 16 min 52

A maid is surprised and silenced by robbers. Tied up and gagged, she is helplessly struggling while they search the place for some values...till one of them finds a dildo in a drawer...This is enough to wake up the beast inside him...

He will use the sex toy on the innocent maid and eventually rape her...


Keywords: set-up, maid outfit, masks and gloves, handgag, on-screen tying up, tied up with ropes, stuff gag hold by rope, dildo tease, rape,...

"THE GYM" - 18 min 14

It is closing time at the fitness club...Only two members remain...a girl running and a guy using a musculation device he can't obviously handle....the girl is mocking is enough for him to leave the room to the bathroom, full of anger...

Anger that soon becomes hate and violent feelings, he returns to the exercices room, and suddenly grabs the girl from behind in a strong sleephold...

After a fight, the victim eventually passes out...Unsure of what he is doing, the attacker ties up and gags the unconscious girl. Then decides to rape her....

Keywords: set-up, spandex, rape, sleepholder, sleepy, violent fight,bound with ropes, cleave-gagged,...

"White Days" - 14 min 10


During a walk in the snow, Rihana gets attacked from behind and chloroformed. She wakes up bound and gagged in a closet. She vainly struggles trying to get free till her captor shows up to use and abuse his victim...


keywords: chloroform, ropes, ropes, gagged by her own sock secured by stockings , sleepy, lingerie, nudity, nipples torment, rape, etc...

"HALLOWEEN NIGHT" - 30 min 47

A surrealistic and fantasy tale about a girl dressed in "pirates of the caribbean" costume being held as hostage by a strange and sexually perverted sect...

Held tied up and gagged, she is knocked out by some "sleepy powder"...and wakes up bound and spreaded up on a sacrifice table...

Her costume is torn apart with a knife, then begins the preparation of the sacrifice itself...The victim is first penetrated... Her virginity being screwed by her tormentor using a cucumber to rape her first ...

This movie includes: Fantasy costume, boots, ropes, knotgag ( knot in mouth), sleepy, victim bound spreadeagled on a sacrifice table, penetration with cucumber, rape, victim covered and massaged with oil, victim covered with vegetables, cleavegag, gagged with an apple, mouth gagging with cucumber, , etc...

"ASSAULT" - 16 min 41

STARRING Newcomer : Mary-Ann

A masked and gloved infiltrator silences a female sentry, grabbing her from behind in a chokerhold till she passes out. He drags her and hides her, then left her bound and gagged in order to complete his mission. The girl slowly regains consciousness and hears a huge fighting outside...obviously her assaillant has been spotted. She struggles, and screams trough the tight gag, trying to warn someone of her presence but only muffled sounds come out from her mouth... The sound of the guns suddenly stops...She first thinks it is all over and she will be free soon...till she sees the man in black coming to her again...he needs to "relax" after this rough mission...

This movie includes: soldier/sentry outfit, gloves, Hand over mouth (with leather gloves), dragging, foot fetish, zip ties, cleave-gag, struggling, rape, sleepy, passing out, girl with glasses, ...



A young girl is reading on her bed after school. She is lying on her stomach, kicking her legs in the air behind her.
A man sneaks up behind her and grabs her...He covers her mouth and nose with his hand, she tries to pull the hand off but he is too strong....she passes out.

She wakes up her hands and ankles are bound with ropes, her mouth is covered with duct tape. She struggles and makes muffled cries for help. The man enters and flips her on her back.

He picks up her legs and starts to kiss, lick and "eat" her socked feet...then slowly removes her socks
He kisses and licks her bare feet and toes as she tries to kick him.................

This movie includes: ko, Hand over mouth, socks, foot fetish, feet in mouth, bound with ropes, tapegag, abuse, tape over nose, sleepy, passing out, ...



Meanwhile..what do we have here...a nurse about to make an injection to a patient in the coma...but what if he suddenly wakes up and had fantasies about all the things he want to do to her...

This movie includes: setup, ko by injection, Hand over mouth, Nurse outfit, bound with medical bandages, cleavegag, rape,...

"Taken Away" - 26 min 46

Lara is surprised in her own car by a gloved hand over her mouth, and gets an injection in the neck that makes her pass out...

She wakes up tied up and tape gagged...her kidnapper fondles her, then forces her at gunpoint to suck his dick...he then forces her to take her clothes off and to gag herself using a scarf. Her tormentor then ties her up, hands and feet, with other scarves...and rapes his helpless victim...

This movie includes: setup, ko by injection, Hardcore rape, gloved hand over mouth, ropes, scarves, forced blowjob, cleavegag, gun, smoking, tapegag,....and more..


+ "taken away photoset"

+ A photostory from Inshadow : TOYs Attack

Brand New XXX Movie : "Student for hire" - 30 min 29

Young Nadya needs money for the faculty... The easiest way is to date some wealthy guys by Internet...But it is a dangerous game...specially when your date is a maniac obsessed by chloroform and tied up girls,...

This movie includes: setup, chloroform scene, Hardcore, foot fetish , boots, unconscious body handling, wrapped tape gag, tape binds, blowjob, and more...


He first looked like an usual client to the fortuneteller, but as soon as she touched his hand she suddenly had some confusing visions of him tying up and raping girls....He understands coming to see her was a is too late for her already, he can not let her leave with what she knows...she will be his next victim...

chloroformed, tied up, gagged, she will be used till her tormentor finds she is not clean enough and carries her to her bathroom...

This movie includes: setup, dialogues, 2 chloroform scenes (first assaults then chloroformed again while bound and gagged), victim tied up with her own scarves, cleave-gagged, foot fetish ( dirty feet tied, then later feet being washed and toes sucked), unconscious body handling, rape, rape again in water, wrapped tape gag, tape binds, head under water, and more...



A young amateur sleuth sneaks into a mistresse's house in order to gather some evidences of their criminal activities. The naive girl just falls into a trap, gets chloroformed and finds herself at the mercy of the crual Mistress X...

She wakes up tied up with ropes and tightly gagged...struggling and moaning in the garage...Then she will meet Mistress X and her weirdest fantasies about young noosy girls...forced to suck a strap-on dildo, the sleuth is just at the beginning of her torment...

Handcuffs replace ropes and a ball-gag is stuffed in her mouth...while the strap-on dildo is stuffed elsewhere....

The sleuth girl will learn her lesson..

KEYWORDS : Sleuth Fantasy, sexy skirt outfit, high heels, masked mistress/kidnapper, gloves, chloroform, body handling/pulling, ropes, strap-on dildo blowjob/fuck, bondage, handcuffs, rag gag with rope, ballgag, ....

"HOT GAMES" - 40 min 47

Starring Christine & Syrena

A story about two lesbians playing together strange fetishes, bondage , domination, feet play, self bondage... until a boyfriend shows up, fuck one of them then let both of them helpless,....

THIS MOVIE INCLUDES : lesbians, white jeans, boots, foot fetish, girls enjoying each others feet, feet on breasts, kissing girls, girls tying each other's ankles, domination F/F, SELF bondage,SELF gagging, handcuffs, girl dominating girl while being herself handcuffed and gagged, putting thighboots on while gagged and handcuffed, leather gloves, smoking, zip ties, SEX/RAPE m/f, both girls eventually left struggling and moaning through their gags, etc....

"THE BIG HANGOVER" - 22 min 09

Starring Christine & Syrena

Two girls are trying to take some rest after a long night party...As usual in this case, strong headaches and hangover spoil their day... A friendly neighbour offer himself to help with some casual medecine..which they eagerly accept...But is that neighbour so "friendly"? And are those pills so "casual"?

Soon begins for the two roommates a trip into hallucinations and nightmares, involving violence, horror and erotic desires. In their strangely common dream, they find pleasure being abused by a half-human, half-monster creature..undressing and enjoying themselves...

Then the "friendly neighbour" suddenly shows up, wearing the minimum but leather gloves. He ties and gags the girls using ropes and tapes...and has his way with them...whipping them...abusing them....

What part was their nightmare....what part was reality....they will never be able to tell....

SOME KEYWORDS : set-up, Sexy short dresses, Some dialogue, girls drugged against their will, Girls having nightmare about a monster (special effect), Girls playing with themselves, tapegags, WHIPPING, bound with black tape, bound with ropes, abuse, guy wearing black leather gloves,....

Brand New Movie : "CAUS'I GOT HIGH" - 13 min 26

Starring Syrena

Syrena is laying on her bed, waiting for the providential visit of her usual drug dealer...sheis trying to calm her impatience by caressing herself when he knocks at the door...

As usual...She knows she has to give more than money and to offer herself as well. But this time it really worths it. He came with a brand new quality stuff and in quantity!

The white powder now spreaded on the table and filling up their noses soon makes effect... and reality disappears...

Conventional sex is not enough for him... he ties up the dazzled and confused girl... who barely realizes what is going on... till he gags her... She enters in it a dream? A part of her trip...She doesn't really know anymore....


FEATURE : set-up, LINGERIE, ropes, cleavegag, DRUG FANTASY, drugged girl, rape, ......

Brand New Movie : "DOMINA BOUND 3" - 21 min 10

Starring Lolly

This is a pure fetish / fantasy film....Lolly acts as a dominant girl who has to keep a guy as hostage....she enjoys playing with her prisoner, whipping him. But the guy....a professional terrorist, has the picture of what he is gonna do to her while discreetly unlocking the handcuffs...

She is distracted for a second, lighting a cigarette, fatal mistake. He grabs her from behind, shutting her mouth off with a hand, and holds her neck with his arm...he increases the pressure till the struggling vixen eventually collapses, unconscious...

Handcuffed to the chair, ballgagged, she is teased , the guy using he whip as a dildo before to abuse her...

She is then taped to the chair, and gagged by ducttape covering the ballgag. He leaves her struggling to be found later by her team...


FEATURE : fetish outfit, Dominatrix becomes the victim,, boots, gloves, HOM, sleephold, BALLGAG, fondling, abuse by whip in pussy, abuse, handcuffs, DUCTTAPE, TAPE GAG covering ballgag, ......

Brand New Movie : "Kidnapped Lesbians" - 22 min 05

Starring Syrena & Emmanuelle

Syrena and Emmanuelle enjoy a sunny lazy day together in their villa...the kinky lesbians kiss and caress unaware someone is watching them from the distance...Someone who prepares this for some weeks...

He slowly wets the rag with the chloroform, his heart is bitting fast, as it is the first time he will do something like this....but the desire to possess those two is beyond his control...He always dreamed having some lesbian girls bound and gagged, struggling and at his mercy. Their body offered to him...then he could do whatever he wants to them, fuck them the way he wants...He jerked off a lot on that idea...till he saw those two a few weeks ago in a bar...and started stalking them...

Now he is here, ready, his hands are shaking, he knows it is a one way ticket and what he is about to do will change his life for ever...but is to late to turn back....They don't pay attention, he silently sneaks behind the two sluts, then quickly strikes from behind ...

Both of them are soon laying unconscious...he takes a glance around, but the edges of the villa are well covered by the vegetation so nobody could have noticed what is happening...

He foundles a bit the sleeping beauties, then realizes he had to act fast....

He carries them to the garage...and ties them up together, then gags them...

They slowly recover....struggling against the ropes...

Syrena will be the first to feel the top of his cock against her asshole...a man is about to take her, and in the worst way, for the first time in her life...despites their muffled screams through their gag, he takes advantage of both girls in a row. Then, exhausted, go to take some rest ...leaving his brand new captives hanging there till tomorrow....Is just the beginning of their sex slavery...

FEATURE : Set-up, chloroform,Lesbians, Rape, Girls bound together, Cleave-gag, fondling, hands tied over head, Nude, ropes, ...

Brand New Movie : "Vanished Slut" - 22 min 05

Starring Newcomer LARA FABIANOLI

Lara is a starlet with a lot of expectation...when her agent told her she has been refused by some producer, she left his office in fury and toke a walk in the nearby park to calm down...she seats on a banch, unaware a predator is lurking around for some victim at the same time...he just knows that at this time of the day this park is usually empty, so the perfect place to hunt some unprobable passing by girl...but he is lucky today, and immediately spots Lara, smoking a cigarette alone on the banch, calming her nerves...

He seats next to her and tries to start a conversation...but she just keeps on ignoring him....she worths more than this...seems to come out from her mind..."I want this slut, I will take you in every hole, you will be my toy dirty bitch" are the worlds that come in his mind now.....his imagination goes she is sitting next to him, he pictures her out laying bound and gagged, her clothes being ripped off....pleading for mercy as he rapes her....

But he is used with this....helooks around...nobodyelse is there..he takes off therag from his pocket, as well as the fiol of chloroform....she can not notice that as she is now looking on the other side...obviously ignoring him...

He takes a last look around to make sure, then suddenly grabs her, keeping the rag tight over her mouth and nose....preventing her screams to be to loud and puting her into unconsciousness in the same time....

She desperatly struggles and kicks, but soon the chloroform hasits effects and she falls into darkness...

Lara is carried off into a basement, and slowly wakes up, finding herself bound on a mattress, her hands tied with ropes to a heater just behind her, her legs tied as well are spreaded...Sheis confused and tries to open the mouth....but something sticky prevents her to do so....She realizes that a piece of tape has been wrapped around her head and inside her mouth, keeping her only able to let some muffled screams out...

Then he shows up....she is in panic...she is now completely undressed, but he left her pantyhose up....he plays with her and fondles her despites her muffled screaming....

He rips her pantyhose and starts to rape her, she still has her ripped pantyhose up, what excites him more...then turn her over and rapes her in the ass....

The way lara is tied allows her to rip off the tape gag from her mouth, it is more a reflex, she just want to scream for help as she is suffering a painful assrape, but he quickly handgags her and uses her own pants to cleavegag her....

He is finally ties her hands behind her back.....her ankles together...and gives her a "kiss goodnight"..

FEATURE : Set-up, chloroform,Undressing, Lingerie, pantyhose, pantyhose torn, fondling, wrapped tapegag, cleavegag, rope, spreadeagled, rape, ass, cigarette smoking, ...

Brand New Movie : "FETISH Photosession goes wrong" - 16 min 26


NOTE: This movie is a bit unusual as we tried here to fullfill various fetish requests from our fans that often have some similar fantasies without even be aware of it :-) So came in my twisted mind the following plot *grin*...

Emmanuelle has been hired as model by a fetish photographer....she is wearing a long fur coat, pantyhose, and overknees boots...

She performs erotic poses for the camera...till the photographer....a pantyhose fetisher...comes closer...he starts to kiss and to touch her....Emmanuelle knew it was going to be like that...she is used to work as a she enters his game...

He soon gives up his camera for the real stuff....he starts to play with her pantyhose, tearing them apart, enjoying the material object of his obsession....then even playing a bit with Emmanuelle's throat, another of his fantasies...

They are about to fuck when an intruder suddenly appears...threatening them with a gun...

Who is he/She? who knows...They are forced to strip and Emmanuelle is ordered to tie him up on a chair...

She is then tied up herself on him, the result is obvious...having that smoking hot girl spreaded , bound and gagged over he fucks her despite the situation. Their torturer remains strangly silent, watching them finishing...then, takes the guy away at gunpoint....leaving Emmanuelle bound and gagged on the chair, alone this thime, desperatly struggling and moaning for some help...


FEATURE : Set-up, various fetishes,fur, bootlegs, pantyhose, pantyhose torn, throat fetish, bound with guy, cleavegag, rope, ....

Brand New XXX video : "HOOKER FOR THE DEFROCKED MONK" - 20 min 16


A guy picks up a prostitute from the street....he is actually a former monk who has been defrocked for sexual deviance a few months ago and hardly lives with it....So he wanders the country spreading pain and suffering, especially to women he considers as the cause of his own falling...

He knocks the hooker out...ties her up and tapegags her...She wakes up in the trunk of his car, moaning and struggling..being driven to an unknown destination...

She is carried inside a house....he removes her bindings for a moment...just to enjoy the free fighting from the girl...then knocks her out again...then undress his unconscious victim...

She wakes up again tied up...hands spreaded, legs spreaded as well and tied up in a way she looks like an offered sex toy....she sees him coming...wearing his beloved monk robe...

He forces her to a blowjob....then, tired of her screaming, gags her with a knotted rag.... before to have his way with her.....


FEATURE : Set-up, knock out ,carry, undressing, fondling, ropes, tape gag, clothegag , forced blowjob, rape, victim bound spreaded....

Brand New XXX video : "ZIP TIES" - 24 min 47

Starring Nadya

Nadya is harceled night and day on the phone...anytime...while sunbathing in her garden..making a shower .....the caller does not say anything....all she could hear was a weird breathing till this morning, when "the caller" finally said some words...some frightening words...threatening her with the worse atrocities. She is really scared this time, so quickly get dressed and is about to leave her house to report this to the authorities...heading to her car, her phone rings again. With hesitation, Nadya answers for the last time, willing to threat him as well....but the "voice" is different this time....Nadya can feel it, and what the caller says does not leave any doubth. Nadya slowly puts her phone down and turns around, her hands shaking...

She steps away seeing him in front of her! Time is like suspended for a second that looks like an eternity before Nadya realizes she has to run away...but is too late already... he grabs her by the mouth and pulls her back in the house. His arms put Nadya's head in a vice-like grip, creating a vicious sleeper hold.

Due to lack of oxygen, Nadya is soon rendered unconscious, and dragged into the house onto a table...

He will slowly undress her, and fondle her for a while till she seems to gain consciousness back....then, obviously well prepared, he quickly ties her hands and feet using zip ties while the girl, struggling but still weak, does not have the strenght to fight against him...

Tired of her screamings, but mainly to prevent some neighbour's attention from it, he gags her, stuffing a towel inside her mouth and securing it by another zip tightened around her head...

She is now all in his power, and despites her pleadings, that don't seem to affect him, has to submit his various sexual assaults...

He eventually leaves, leaving Nadya struggling against her bound, and moaning trough her gag......falling down on the floor, and wondering who will find her....

FEATURE : Set-up, Sleeperhold, KO, dragging, , undressing, long naked body fondling, XXX, foot fetish ( killer masturbating using victim's feet), bondage, zip ties, Stuff gag secured by zip tie,....

Brand New video : "FULL TREATMENT FOR A DIRTY RICH TEEN" - 19 min 58

Starring Lolly

A teen with wealthy parents is saying goodbye to a friend who visited her while the gardener is watching them...he is a simple guy, with a "light" problem...

Her parents hired him after having been solicitated from a nearby association helping those people suffering from some mental disturbances...This is a good cause....unless your daughter is a bitch teasing an mocking him while you are not there... Both girls laughs about him while lolly teases him shaking her ass and showing him a finger...they both makes fun of him till Lolly's friend finally leaves...

Alone in the big house....Lolly forgets about this, reads a book,..get bored...and remembers the last night spent with her boyfriend....she starts to touch herself.... While she masturbates...she does not see the gardener watching her through the window... In her own sexual trip..Holly does not realize he now came in..just next to her, watching her....almost touching her....Her eyes closed..she just dreams about her boyfriend... As she is about to have an orgasm...she suddenly opens the eyes...but what she sees is not her boyfriend....but the freak...staying there....rubbing his dick.. She stands up and starts to yell ....In Panic...a reflex....he puts a hand over her mouth ...

She passes out ....he starts to play with her feet first, rubbing them against his dick...then undresses her...and rapes her while she is unconscious...

She wakes up in the garage, tightly bound to a ladder, gagged by a knotted rope stuffed into her mouth...

The little bitch who was so proud before struggles and moans so much right now, he jerks off and splits it all over her face...

Features : Set-up, teasing teen bitch, undressing, hand over mouth, girl k.o., abuse, , foot fetish, sneakers, pass out, bound with ropes, humiliation, knotted rope gag,....

Brand New video : "BONDAGE TOY" - XXX - 19 min 50


the babysitter got bored in the big empty house. She wanders through the rooms and ends up in the father's office where the laptop has been left open.... she shouldn't do this, she knows that, but curiosity and lack of common sense is specific to her age...she can not resist to take a look at the computer, maybe she could use messenger to talk to her boyfriend...that babysitting job is so boring sometimes... She spots some videofiles on the desktop, hesitates a second....then after all..why not...nobody will ever

but what a surprise....the player does not open on some hacked mainstream movie...but on a video recorded by her employer himself, in hot company...obviously not his wife but some...well ...she looks like a hooker...
Carmen regrets already having opened that...but again...her curiosity is too strong and she keeps on watching....
who will ever know...She starts to touch herself...She is soon so much in her trip that she does not notice or hear HE came back home.....and is now watching her through the half open office's door...
But something turns wrong in the video Carmen is watching....on screen, he becomes violent....In front of Carmen's horrified eyes, he is now smoothering the hooker on video...
She suddenly realizes his real presence...he enters the room and slowly approaches... " Do you like what you see girlie?" ..are the only words he a way that does not let any doubth about his intentions...Carmen remains speechless...she would like to say she is sorry...she will forget about all this...she somehow feels it is useless...she just stand up from the chair, shaking, and stepping backwards till she meets the wall...
In a puts the chloroform rag on her mouth...Carmen struggles and tries to scream for help but nothing but some "mmmphh" comes out of her mouth....

unconscious, Carmen is undressed, forced to a blowjob, abused on screen , tied up and ballgagged...

She slowly wakes up...all tied up , struggling and moaning for his pleasure...he uses a camera to keep record of this...

She is now all under his power...her tormentor keeps on playing with her..she is now cleave-gagged....and as a wicked game he puts on her a wig and dishevels her using lipstick...


Features : Set-up, chloroform, undressing, girl k.o., XXX abuse, blowjob, ballgag, cleavegag, bound with ropes, humiliation,....

Brand New video : "Home Invasion" - 19 min 50

Starring Nadya

A young girl is attacked in her restroom by brutal and ugly intruder....he knocks her out then rip off some sheet, using it to tie her up and gag her...she wakes up naked to be abused and eventually left bound, struggling and moaning ,...

Features : Girl peeing fetish, ugly attacker wearing glove, peeping, girl k.o., tight bindings made from white ripped sheet, tight cleave/over the mouth gag, rape, lot of strugglings and moanings,close-ups,...

Brand New video : "The Repairman" - 14 min 22

Starring Alexia

A schizophreniac plumber looses control in front of a barely dressed and teasing girl...

Features : Hand over mouth, head forced in water, undressing, girl k.o., bound with rope to a workout device, stuff gag secured with black tape, abuse, lot of strugglings and moanings,...

Brand New video : "Dirty" - 26 min 09

Starring Syrena and NEWCOMER Christine

Two dominant lesbian bitches are hired by a pervert to fullfill his sexual fantasy. They enjoy themselves as they trample him with their boots, then take off their clothes and keep on enjoying but now only wearing their sticky and dirty socks....the perp cums with those dirty socked feet in his mouth....Then he goes to refresh in the bathroom while the two hookers are going on taking pleasure to each other...
He smiles as he prepares the rags with chloroform in the bathroom....Those two girls made it dirty...He will make it more dirty...
He comes back in the room...and chloroforms them together when they were too busy with each other to expect it....
He now has all leasure to enjoy them all tied up and struggling as they slowly wake up, one by one... He takes one of the slut's dirty sock and stuff it in her lesbian lover's mouth, securing it by a piece of tape, then proceed the same for the other bitch...they are now at his mercy...Moaning and jerking as he rapes them...

Features : "Dominant sluts being kidnapped" fetish, dirty socks, chloroform, tight ropes bindings, socks stuffed in mouth and secured by tape, abuse,..

Brand New video : "Missed Target" - 16 min 35

Lolly is a young and rather looking naive girl for her "targets"...working as call-girl, she can easily takes them where and when she wants and do her real job..."Targets".."Real Job"??? Who could actually suspect Lolly to be a trained killer..?

But is what she is...and tonight she has to give some pleasure to her soon-to-come victim, fullfilling his kinky fetish for bondage, being fucked while bound and gagged...She finds herself some pleasure in it, figuring out what is coming next...the way she will shortly blow his head off!

Once done, he heads up to the bathroom. Lolly lay down a little, taking herself off the stocking he used to gag her...then, slowly, reaches her purse and takes her gun from it and wait for her prey to come out...everything will be over in a few seconds, as usual...

He comes out...their eyes crosses...she wants to feel his fear in face of her gun and his death....but he does not show it as she expected....

Her mistake...a second of hesitation...In a sudden move...he hits her and the gun ends up on the the floor...

Lolly is violently pulled on the bed, and suffocated by a pillow till she passes out..

While Lolly lays unconscious on the bed..he tries to find out why and who sent her to kill him...he finds the answer in her purse...and decides to send a message back to the ones who hired her for this dirty job...

Lolly slowly wakes up, to find herself tightly bound with ropes, her mouth cleave-gagged by a rag, covered by duct-tape for good measure...she struggles..moans. He does not really want to hurt her, but she she deserves another he forces her on her knees...and has his way again with her..


Brand New video : "Genese of a Kidnapping" - 12 min 01

Emmanuelle slowly wakes up from an erotic dream...she goes to the bathroom and is confronted to an intruder who punches her ko...she wakes up bound and gagged in her satin foundled by the masked intruder then forced into a car trunk...

Brand New video : "Sweet Memories" - 10 min 51

Disturbed Fetish Movie : Girl in pantyhose is playing with herself using ropes, till an intruder who is hunted by dirty past memories, ties her up for good and rapes her,..

Brand New video : "After Party" - 18 min 11

Nadya is cleaning up after a party in her house...but one of her guests, drunk, obssessed by her and what he always dreamed to do to her is still there, in a corner...

He attacks her, strangling her with a rope till she passes out...then strips her, ties her up with ropes, gags her with her own shirt...and rapes her...

When done, Nadya is carried inside a closet, bound and gagged, struggling,....hopefully someone would eventually finds her there....

Features : Ko by strangling, onscreen stripping, onscreen tying up and gagging, Rape,boots,,..

Brand New video : "A quiet and usual neighbour" - 11 min 38

Steve is indeed a perfect neighbour, probably the same you have next door, he has a good job and is always full of attention to others, always ready for a barbecue party and so quiet and wise that many people envy him and his good life. Everyone even wonder how a such good guy is still many girls would like to share his life...But that "perfect guy" as a problem, an obssession,....and the bimbo teen he abducted a couple of hours ago and who is now bound and gagged, struggling and moaning inside a bag, could tell you why...until he uses her...

Features : Tape bindings, wrapped tapegag, kidnapping, struggling inside a bag, Rape, pink panties, feet fetish,,..


Brand New video : "Bound in boots and fishnet"


Brand New video : "FIRST WEEK AT COLLEGE" - 21 min 57

Is first week for Lolly at college, the same week she enjoyed her 18th birthday party with some friends...but studies are expensive and Lolly likes lux and is not quite a good makes lot of money on the side working on videochat...being slut for old perverts who pay fortunes to see her nasty fresh ass really turns her on sometimes...but tonight, as she is in her student loft that she shares with a roommate, who is out with a boyfriend tonight, she is once again on her computer, playing the whore for a customer. She suddenly gets chloroformed from behind by a masked intruder...she wakes up tightly bound on the floor and cleavegagged...she vainly tries to struggle and scream for help...but nobody can hear her muffled screams...the masked guy turns around, enjoying the sight of his helpless victim, before pulling down her jeans and panties and raping her...Leaving lolly helpless to be found and humiliated this way...Investigation is on its way...and several suspects are under interrogation right now...


Features : Young girl... longer, teasing and sexy set up...., thick cleave gag, tight bounds using ropes, chloroform (long), close-ups (eyes and mouth), rape, smoking fetish, jeans fetish,....


Brand New video : "Bondage Hooker 2 - Unexpected Intruder- 17 min 12"

Young Alexia is home alone and feels horny...she starts to touch herself, then confident she is alone, gets some kinky stuff from her closet in order to fullfill her fetish about bondage...little thing she does not know...meanwhile she is enjoying herself, a robber broke in the house....

Beyond her fantasy, Alexia will be securely bound and raped this time....


Brand New video : STEAMY - 19 min 05

Trapped inside the sauna, the girl will pass out to wake up bound and gagged, struggling and fucked...


2 Brand New videos :

Gag on it!

The Chair - part 2


Brand New video : The Chair - part 1- 10 min 10


Brand New video : Stranded


Brand New video : UNSANE COUPLE

Two girls were just having a drink with a couple of friends...they thought so...till they lose consciousness due to the drugged wine...

They wake up in a basement, bound and gagged, to be tormented and abused by the unsane couple...


Brand New video : DISPUTE

Two girls are deadly fighting when surprised by a guy who will abandon them bound and gagged, naked, in a corn field...


Brand New video : A FAN, A BEAST - PART 2

Starring newcomers Melody & Shyna

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : A FAN, A BEAST - PART 1

Starring newcomers Melody & Shyna

Two starlets from a soap opera are chloroformed one by one in a car by one of their fans...a really nasty one...They are not playing their usual "Damsel in distress" character this time, like they sometimes do according to the script...they wake up bound and gagged in a basement..and no hero to rescue them this time...only a horny guy who masturbates watching them struggling and is going to get much more..

Features : Set-Up, Chloroform, tape bindings, knotgags, carrying, abuse,...

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : Taken from the Backyard - 14 min 35

Starring newcomer Nadya

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : The Hitchhiker - PART 2

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : Fantasy - 19 min 31

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : The Hitchhiker - PART 1

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : El Jardinero - 14 min 05

Starring Syrena

Syrena was having some good time on the spanish coast, where her wealthy father is owner of a luxuary residence. The lazy girl was spending her nights in VIP clubs, usually ending up in some playboy's bed....her daytime being resumed in resting and sunbathing on the beach or in the residence garden...She didn't like the new gardener hired by her father. He was always lurking around when she was sunbathing...but the bitchy girl was just ignoring him...till she caught him touching himself watching her..."I am calling dad and get rid of that retard" she thought leaving the garden...she never called her dad...He followed her inside , caught her, stuffed her mouth with her own panties and secured it with ducttape. He then tied her up and had his way with her...


HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : PENETRATION - 13 min 40

Starring Mary-Jane

Young Mary-Jane is chloroformed in her bathhroom and carried away...she wakes up tightly bound and tape-gagged, falls from the armchair, struggles on the floor before to be abused....


HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : The Friend - PART 2 - 7 min 49

Starring Newcomer Emmanuelle

The girl now wakes up all tied up and be raped by Jack while his friend is playing around...

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : The Friend - PART 1 - 14 min 52

Starring Newcomer Emmanuelle

Jack's new girlfriend, Emmanuelle, was very happy to meet his "best friend", a wealthy guy well known in the city. Unfortunately for her, the rich guy is weird and is paying Jack to bring young girls to his place...While Emmanuelle is having a smoke outside, Jack gets his money and last instructions..The pervert gets out to talk with Emmanuelle while Jack sneaks behind and eventually clamps a rag on her mouth and nose...They bring the girl back inside where they finish chloroforming their victim....who will be tied up, ball-gagged, and ready to be abused....


HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : Kidnapped Sweetheart - 14 min 52

Starring Valerie

Sweet Valerie, wearing underwears, was relaxing home when an intruder chloroformed her and carried her away...

She woke up tied up on a table and ready to be abused...


HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : Stalked Student - PART 2 - 8 min 35

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : Stalked Student - PART 1- 10 min 21

HD full screen quality video

Starring Sophia

Stalked from the college, in the park, to the bus station, Sophia is eventually kidnapped and chloroformed on her way home...

Bound and gagged, struggling in the car's truck...

She will be chloroformed again, her clothes ripped off...abused,....



Brand New video : Dirty Mechanic - 24 min 39

HD full screen quality video

Starring Madalyne Leroy

On her way to her parents house, far away from the city, Madalyne's old car broke down once again, leaving the young girl stranded near a small town...she thought she was lucky to find there a local gas station open and its owner calling himself a mechanic...

But the guy has also another "hobby", making movies, not of any kind, his fun is to collect young female victims and rape them.... bound and gagged, struggling, humiliated....



Brand New video : Flesh Merchants - Part 2 - 9 min 32

HD full screen quality video

Starring Carolina

Captive Carolina in her treatment to become a perfect sexual bondage toy...


Brand New video : Flesh Merchants - Part 1 - 10 min 04

HD full screen quality video

Starring Carolina

That guy Carolina met in the park was good looking, smart, seductive...despite she is usually rather reserved, she finally agreed to follow him to his place, he had an angel face and was too nice to resist...but every angel has a devil side, and where Carolina thought she may have found love turned into hell as another guy suddenly tape-gagged her from behind...

Bound and gagged, seeing them taking pictures, Carolina realized she had been kidnapped by some kind of slaves traders...and her training was about to begin! They had to satisfy so many customers hungry for fresh bondage meat...


Brand New video : Blackmail - 17 min 10

HD full screen quality video

18 years old Mary-Jane was working as babysitter for a rich family, she was also keeping bad company and a taste for easy money...the idea of seducing the father, having sex with him and using a hidden camera was perfect... That guy would pay to prevent any scandal. So started the blackmail....the tape in exchange of money. For some reason, he preferred a discreet meeting out of town, she didn't mind.

He had other plans. After taking the compromising tape, he grabbed the girl and tried to chloroform her. She fought back and succeeded to run away into the woods..for a short time. He caught her again and finished the job.

Mary-Jane woke up in a dirty basement, naked, bound, gagged, and will be abused by the wacko...


Brand New video : Alone at the office - part 2 - 9 min 57

HD full screen quality video

Tied up and gagged for his pleasure


Brand New video : Alone at the office - part 1 - 17 min 53

HD full screen quality video

Valerie had to finish some work during the week-end. She barely noticed the guy cleaning around. She does not know he is watching her for a while and was waiting for his time. As she is taking a smoke break, he suddenly chloroforms her and takes her away to his place.

He loves to play with his sleepy victim, ripping off her pantyhose, tasting her feet, pussy and ass...then ties her just the beginning of her torment...


New video : Bag Torture - Part 2


Brand New video : BONDAGE HOOKER ALLY - 13 min 37

This is the first movie from "Bondage Hookers" serie...young whores get tied up and much more for money..and they enjoy it.

Ally is truly a sultry streetwalker. She got tightly bound and tape-gagged...see her with tape on her nose, making her hard to breath while struggling trying to get free...see her also masturbating and cummmmin...from what happens to her.


New video : Bag Torture - Part 1


New video : After Work - Part 2


New video : After Work - Part 1


New video : Chair


Brand New photoset : Cruel


New video : Assassin


Brand New video : "Bunny Girl"- part 2

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "Home Abduction"- 7 min 53

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "Burglar Caught"- 11 min 35

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "The Set Up"- part 2- 6 min 21

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "The Set Up"- part 1- 7 min 31

HD full screen quality video

19 years old Sandy was on time for the casting but couldn't find anyone around there.

Smoking while waiting for the producer to show up, she didn't notice the masked guy sneaking in her back...a rag with chloroform in his hand...

As she wakes up...bound and gagged, only begins her torment...starting with a forced blowjob...

Brand New video : "Bunny Girl"- part 1- 8 min 34

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "Photo model"- 10 min 19

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "End of Party"- Part 2- 4 min 13

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "Lucia"

HD full screen quality video


Brand New photoset : Lesbian Abuse


Brand New video : "The Boss"- Part 3- 6 min 15

HD full screen quality video


Brand New video : "End of Party"- Part 1- 10 min 44


Brand New video : "The Boss"- Part 2- 8 min 47


Brand New video : "The Boss"- Part 1- 10 min 57

Aug 03, 2010

Brand New video : "Obsessed Neighbour"- 7 min 18

HD full screen quality video

July 25, 2010

Brand New video : "Exotic Dancer chloroformed and ballgagged"- 9 min 05

HD full screen quality video

July 16, 2010

Brand New video : "Kitchen Chloro"- introducing LUCIA - PART 1 - 4 min 10

HD full screen quality video

July 10, 2010

Brand New photoset : Cow Girl Lena

July 04 , 2010

Brand New video : "Alien Returns", with newcomer Ingrid - 9 min 39

HD full screen quality video

June 28, 2010

Brand New photoset : Two naked

June 22, 2010

Brand New photoset : newcomer "Lucia"

Brand New video : "whipped", with newcomer Kristal

HD full screen quality video



June 15, 2010

New Movie : "Thirsty Alien"

June 09 , 2010

New Movie : "Intruder"

May 31, 2010

New photoset : "Trapped"

May 24, 2010

New Movie : "Hypnose" - 12 min 17

May 17, 2010

New Movie : "Alien Assault" - 14 min 03

May 10, 2010

New Movie : "Maid and Girl" - 14 min 40

May 04 , 2010

New photoset : "Nude"

April 28, 2010

New Movie : "Screaming for help" - 5 min 16

April 22, 2010

New photoset : "Misty dildo"

April 15 , 2010

New Movie : "lesbian date turns bad" - 9 min 59

April 05 , 2010

New Movie : "Shower bound + bonus, bound and smoking"

March 30, 2010

New photoset : "Agent Silver" - 133 pics

March 24, 2010

New Movie "Masturbation, kidnapping & Shibari" part 2

March 18, 2010

New Movie "Masturbation, kidnapping & Shibari" part 1

March 12, 2010

New photoset : "Caught in holidays" - part 2

March 6 , 2010

New photoset : "Caught in holidays" - part 1 - 168 pics ko/carry/bondage

Feb 28 , 2010

New Movie "Visitor"

Feb 22 , 2010

New photoset - 131 pics : "Bathroom" - part 2 - bondage/blowjob

Feb 15 , 2010

New photoset : "Bathroom" - part 1 - chloro/carrying

Feb 09 , 2010

New Movie "Studio security"

Feb 03 , 2010

New photoset : "Fur and closet" - 133 pics

Jan 27 , 2010

New Movie "Drugged" - part 3

Jan 21 , 2010

New Movie "Game Over"

Jan 15 , 2010

New photoset : "Lesbian gags"

Onyx, Danielle, Pandora

Jan 10 , 2010

New Movie "Drugged" - part 2

Jan 04 , 2010

New Movie "Drugged" - part 1

Dec 28 , 2009

New Movie "Monster rape" - part 2

Dec 22 , 2009

New Movie "Monster rape" - part 1

Dec 16 , 2009

New Movie "Pick up"

Dec 10 , 2009

Dec 04 , 2009

New Photoset "Claire Adams, Anastasia Pierce, Molly Matthews"

New Movie "Kidnapped by the monster" - Part 2 - 7 min 21

Nov 27 , 2009

"Kidnapped by the monster" - Part 1 - 7 min 02

Nov 22 , 2009

New photoset : "Two Pack"

Nov 16 , 2009

New Movie "Home Hostage" - Part 2 - 8 min 19

Nov 11 , 2009

New Movie "Home Hostage" - Part 1 - 8 min 12

Nov 06 , 2009

New photoset : "Larisa caught in the shower"

Oct 31 , 2009

New Movie "Tourist Trap" - 11min 33

Oct 25 , 2009

New Movie "The Hostage" - 15 min 30

Oct 19 , 2009

New Movie "Dance & Leather"

Oct 13 , 2009

New Movie "Shower"


Oct 07 , 2009

New photoset : "Larisa Leather"

New photostory : "vinyl"

New Movie "Mobs"

Sep 11 , 2009

New Movie "Casting"

Sep 04 , 2009

New Movie "Russian Hooker" - part 2

He ties the girl's ankles up and masturbates, enjoying seeing her struggling and moaning

Aug 30, 2009

New Movie "Russian Hooker" - part 1

A young russian hooker, wearing fetish outfit, gives a blow job to her client. Then, for some more money, accepts a kinky bondage game. She gets her hands tied up in the back, cleave gagged. The guy starts to whip her ass...Includes a foot fetish scene.

Aug 25 , 2009

New Movie "Someone is inside" - 11 min 17

Schoolgirl sexy outfit - ko - tapegag - fondling

Aug 17 , 2009

New Movie "Violation" - Starring new comer Yasmine - 8 min 10

keywords: Chloroform, bondage, stuff gag, boots, jeans, forced sex, ...

Aug 09 , 2009

New Movie "Visit" - PART 2- 7 min 33

Aug 02 , 2009

New Movie "Visit" - PART 1- 5 min 47

July 26, 2009

New photostory : "A Trusty Friend". Chloro/bondage

July 20, 2009

New Movie "Stolen CD" - 7 min 36

July 14, 2009

New photoset : Barbie

July 09, 2009

New Movie "Hard" - part 2 - 5 min

July 02 , 2009

New Movie "Sicko" - 12 min 10


June 26, 2009

New photoset : Hotel horror - Part 2


June 20, 2009

New photoset : Hotel horror - Part 1


June 14 , 2009

New Movie "Hard" - part 1 - 6 min 56


June 8 , 2009

New Movie "Punished schoolgirl" - part 3/3


June 3 , 2009

New photoset : Asian in cut offs

May 28 , 2009

New Movie "Drugged"

A couple of perverts set up a young girl putting drug in her drink then gag and tie her up while sleeping.6 min 48

May 22 , 2009

New Movie "Punished schoolgirl" - part 2/3


May 17 , 2009

New Movie "Punished schoolgirl" - part 1/3


May 11 , 2009

New photoset : Room Service - part 2

May 05 , 2009

New photoset : Room Service - part 1 - 110 pics

Ko-carrying-feet-bite gag-hogtie

April 29 , 2009

New Movie "Russian WebCam" - starring Jenn - 5 min 05

bondage/pantyhose/self bondage/clear tape gag/ webcam style fantasy

April 23 , 2009

New Movie "The mouse" - Part 2 - Starring Emily Addison

April 18 , 2009

New Movie "The mouse" - Part 1 - Starring Emily Addison

April 12 , 2009

New Movie "Japanese Burglar" - Part 2 - Starring Kimiko

April 07 , 2009

New photoset : Leather Skirt

April 01 , 2009

New Movie "Japanese Burglar" - Part 1 - Starring Kimiko

March 26, 2009

New photoset : Liz - Part 2

March 20, 2009

New photoset : Liz - Part 1 - 84 pics

March 15 , 2009

New Movie "Gagging The Bitches"

March 09 , 2009

New photoset : Bound on the floor

March 04 , 2009

New Movie "Lesbians in Jeopardy" - PART 3/3

Feb 26, 2009

New Movie "Lesbians in Jeopardy" - PART 2/3

Update : Feb 20, 2009

A Brand New Movie "Cop Intrusion" - Starring Sasha - PART 3/3

Feb 14, 2009

New photoset : Olga and Larisa

Feb 09, 2009

A Brand New Movie "Cop Intrusion" - Starring Sasha - PART 2/3 - 4 min 05

Feb 03, 2009

New Movie "Lesbians in Jeopardy" - PART 1

Jan 28, 2009

New photoset : Lena and Olesea

Jan 24, 2009

New photoset : Nurse Olga (part 2)

Jan 20, 2009

New Movie "Tourist Trap" - Chloroformed, tied up and gagged

Jan 16, 2009

New photoset : Nurse Olga (part 1)

Jan 11, 2009

New photoset : Bad encounter

Jan 06 , 2009

A Brand New Movie "Cop Intrusion" - Starring Sasha - PART 1

Here is a straight "damsel in distress" fantasy movie. A cop rings at the door of the young Sasha. He pretends to be investigating about a crime that occured in her building. She lets him in... They talk a bit till Sasha turns back to him to bring some coffee. He quickly handgags her and threats her putting a knife against her throat. He rides her on the floor . ties her up and gags her...things will get rough in part 2...

Dec 30, 2008

Brand New Movie "Dominatrix in Distress" - Starring Olga - 4 min 21

This dominatrix does not know this client is pervert...she does her job whipping him but as soon as she turns back for a smoke break, he chloroforms her , ties her up and put a ballgag in her mouth...

Dec 25, 2008

Brand New Movie "Pantyhosed" - Part 2 - Starring Sasha - 6 min 30 !

Here is the second part...Sasha is now gagged, wrists and ankles tied up well , as she is fucked by her tormentor...

Dec 21, 2008

Brand New Movie "Pantyhosed" - Part 1 - Starring Sasha - 13 min 58 !

This movie focuses on pantyhose fetishism : A single man, who is also a bondage fetisher, addicted to pantyhose in his sexual habits, decides to hire a call girl to satisfy his desire. The girl arrives, she gets paid and starts to play his game. A first part of the movie shows some intense fetish sexual intercourse between them. The guy fulfilling his fantasy enjoying the pantyhosed girl in various positions. He then ties her hands, partially rips the pantyhose , and goes further.... Part 2 will show the girl gagged and ankles tied...

Dec 17, 2008

New photoset : Russian love(part 2)

Dec 13, 2008

New photoset : Russian love(part 1)

Dec 09 , 2008

New video "Fetish Nurse Hooker" - 5 min 01

Dec 05 , 2008

New video "Robbery & Rape" - PART 2 - 9 min 12

]Nov 29 , 2008

New photoset : Misty's abuse(part 2)

]Nov 26 , 2008

New video "Robbery & Rape" - PART 1 - 9 min 03

Nov 22 , 2008

New photoset : Misty's abuse(part 1)

Nov 19 , 2008

New video "Pink Barbie" - 2 min 09

Nov 15 , 2008

New video "Security" - 3 min 52

A security guard is silenced, ko and nude bondage

Nov 11 , 2008

New photoset : Domme Olga (part 2)

Nov 07 , 2008

New video "Another Biker in Distress" - 3 min 03

Leather pants/smoking/bondage

Nov 04 , 2008

New photoset : Domme Olga (part 1)

Oct 30, 2008

New photoset : Tatiana in shirt

Oct 24, 2008

New video "Streetwalker" - 5 min 43

A guy picks up a prostitute. He pretends he wants to make some pictures of her. But he has other intention too. She is knocked out, handgagged and hogtied...


Oct 18 , 2008

New video "Nurse dream" - 9 min 17

HD wmv quality 640X480

A few months ago, a wanted dangerous criminal thought the best way to escape the police was to change his face with plastic surgery. He paid a lot for this corrupted doctor to forget about his identity and to grant him in his private clinic. But the operation went wrong, and let him in the coma...

The problem was big for the he decided to wait and see...

Months passed, and as usual the sexy nurse comes to take care of that "annoying" patient. Little thing she does not know...coma is not death...and in his dreams, the guy has many sexual fantasies about her. But today is he is feeling some power in his his he comes back to life!

The nurse is turning back to many lost months....he quickly puts a hand over her mouth,and knocks her out. He rapes the sleepy nurse before to let her tied up and gagged.

Oct 13 , 2008

New photoset : Tatiana in latex dress

Oct 07 , 2008

New photoset : Lena bound on the shower

Oct 01 , 2008

New photoset : Bound on the desk

Sep 25, 2008

New video "Sweet Holydays" - PART 2 - 3 min 41

HD wmv quality 640X480

Sep 20, 2008

New photoset : Bound on the heater

Sep 15, 2008

New photoset : Bound in the trunk

Sep 09 , 2008

New video "Sweet Holidays" - part 1 - 7 min 03

HD wmv quality 640X480

Storyline : A young tourist, relaxing at the swimming pool, is spoted by a pervert...

Sep 06 , 2008

New video "Tied girls" - 3min

Aug 31, 2008

New photoset : Elegant gloves, rude bondage

Aug 25, 2008

New photoset : In the corner

Aug 20, 2008

New video "Larisa bound in the closet clip" - 1.36min

Aug 15, 2008

New photoset : LENA HOGTIED

Aug 09, 2008

New photoset : Around the table

Aug 04, 2008

New photoset : Bound in the shower

July 29, 2008

New Movie : "Ransom for Emi" - 5 min 20

640 X 480 high resolution WMV

July 23, 2008

New Movie : "Helpless Lesbians" - 8 min 27

The two lesbians were still sleeping, but HE was already inside. Maria woke up first and headed up to the bathroom...HE caught her there till she passed out, tied her hands up and gagged her meanwhile Lena was still dreaming. Dreams that turned into nightmarre as HE toke care of her and got the girls tied up and gagged together.

640 X 480 high resolution WMV

July 14, 2008

New photoset : Larisa bound in fur

July 08, 2008

New photoset : Chloro/Bound

July 03, 2008

New video "Asako bound in the cellar" - 2min

June 28, 2008

New photoset : Blond or Brunette

June 23, 2008

New photoset : Larisa in the closet

June 17, 2008

New video "Russian friends" - 2min 28

June 06, 2008

New photoset : Olga in the forest - part 2

May 31, 2008

New video "Coffe break" (part 2) - 1min 38

May 26, 2008

New photoset : Olga in the forest - part 1

May 21, 2008

New video "Coffe break" (part 1) - 6min 23

May 15 , 2008

New photoset : Lena & Maria

May 09 , 2008

New photostory : "In Dreams" with Virginie

May 03 , 2008

New video "Olga raped" 1min 42

April 27, 2008

New video : "Biker in Distress" - 3 min 17


April 21, 2008

New video "Olga bound in the closet"

April 15, 2008

New photoset "Two friends"

April 09, 2008

New photoset "Bound crowd"

April 04, 2008

New video : "Savage Partners" - 7 min 43

Storyline : A girl is attacked by a savage couple in her flat, tied up. gagged and roughly raped by another girl

March 29, 2008

New photoset "Balcony"

March 23, 2008

New photoset "Paying the lesbians"

March 17, 2008

New video : "Hotcam Performer Disconnected" - 6 min 26

Chloro/on-screen tying-up

March 11, 2008

New photoset "The plumber" (160 pics)


March 05, 2008

New video : "Downtown" - PART 2 - 5 min 11

Feb 29 , 2008

New photoset "How he toke her"


#Feb 22 , 2008

New video : "Downtown" - PART 1- 4 min 54

Latex, gloves, hand over mouth, ballgag

Feb 14 , 2008

New video : "Open Door" - PART 2- 4 min 16

Feb 08 , 2008

New video : "Open Door" - PART 1- 4 min

Feb 02 , 2008

New photoset "Spread"

Jan 27, 2008

New video : "After the Bar" - 6 min 44

Jan 21, 2008

New video : "Forced Pleasure" - PART 2- 8 min 07

Jan 15, 2008

New photoset : "Pins"


Jan 09 , 2008

New video : "Forced Pleasure" - PART 1- 9 min 31

HOM, KO, undressed and tied up on screen

Jan 04 , 2008

2 new bondage photosets





Dec 26, 2007

New photoset : "Olga bound naked"


Dec 19, 2007

New video : "Assault" - PART 2- 10 min

Blonde getting chloroformed, tied up and raped

Dec 13, 2007

New video : "Assault" - PART 1 - 10 min

Blonde getting chloroformed, tied up and raped

Dec 05 , 2007

New video : "Camping Bitches Trap" - 4 min 44

smoking lesbians caught in the woods

Nov 29, 2007

New photoset : "Hanging bound"


Nov 23, 2007

New photoset : "Bound in the kitchen"


Nov 17, 2007

New photoset : "Bound bride"


Nov 10, 2007

2 new photosets





Nov 04, 2007

New video : "The Pianist" - 10 min 19

Krystina chloroformed and tied up

Oct 29, 2007

New photoset : "Olga naked"


Oct 23, 2007

2 new photosets





Oct 17, 2007

New photoset "Larisa":


Oct 11, 2007

New photoset :


Oct 5, 2007

New photoset : "Play"


Sept 29, 2007

New video : "Robbed" - 4 min 25

Olga chloroformed and tied up

Sept 23, 2007

2 new photosets



Sept 17, 2007

New video : "Last house on the Left" - 6 min 58

A girl is surprised home, chloroformed, tied up, tape-gagged and abused

Sept 11, 2007

New photoset : "Olga" (135 pics)


Sept 5, 2007

New photoset : "Natasha"


August 28, 2007

New Photostory : "Shackled Mouth"

Chloroform, bondage and.....shackle gag

August 21, 2007

New video : "Missing Nurse" - 13 min 55

A nurse comes to visit her patient at his place. But an intruder is inside already. She is chloroformed, tied up, gagged and abused.

August 14, 2007

2 new photosets


August 8, 2007

New photoset : "Behind the mask"


August 2, 2007

2 new photosets

July 27, 2007

2 New videos

"Choked" - 2 min 51

Girl wearing gloves and retro outfit choked till she passes out then tied up on chair, gagged and blindfolded


"Lesbian torment " - 2 min 37

A young lesbian tied up, gagged, fondled and tormented by a crazy couple


July 21. 2007

New photoset : "Joelle"


July 15. 2007

New photoset : "Juliana's photostory"


July 9. 2007

New video : "The manager"part 3 - 6 min

July 3. 2007

New photoset : "Cleaning day"


June 27. 2007

New photoset : "Trinity"


June 21. 2007

New video : "The manager"part 2 -4 min

June 15. 2007

New photoset : "Yasmine"


June 9. 2007

New video : "The manager" 6 min

June 3 . 2007

New photoset : "Play"


May 28. 2007

2 New videos

"Carla in boots" - chloro/bd - 3 min 33


"Aisha chloroformed" - 1 min 23



May 21. 2007

New video : High-res "Carried Away" - Part 2 - 10 min

Ko, on screen undressing, feet fetish and naked body handling

May 14. 2007

video : High-res "Carried Away" - Part 1 - 7 min

chloro and kidnapping

May 8. 2007

2 photosets

May 2. 2007

New video : "Emanuelle" (chloro/bondage) 7 min

April 26. 2007

New video : "Aisha in Handcuffs" - 5 min

Handcuffed and on-screen tape gagged and fondled. Lot of strugglings and moanings.

April 20. 2007

New video : "Cathy, smoking and bound"

April 15. 2007

2 photosets

April 9. 2007

New photoset : "Best friends"


April 3, 2007

3 new photosets

March 27. 2007

New video : "Crazy neighbour"

March 21. 2007

New photoset : "Unexpected visit"


March 15. 2007

2 photosets

March 9. 2007

New photoset : "Snuffphotographer"


New video : "girl next door" ( chloro/bondage)

March 3. 2007

NEW VIDEO : "Does she like it?" - 14 min 30

A young girl is surprised home, knocked out...and wakes up tied up and gagged to be used for sex...

Feb 26. 2007

NEW VIDEO : Teasing Bitch - 3 min 46 (smoking, bondage, handgag)

Feb 23. 2007

New photoset : "Kamasutra"


Feb 17. 2007

"Black magic"


"Black magic"


"Bound guard"


Jan 30. 2006

2 photosets

Jan 24. 2007

"Her boyfriend and his friend"


Jan 18. 2007

New photoset : "First date" (chloro/bondage)


Jan 12. 2007

NEW VIDEO : PUNISHED- 4 min 53 - 25 mb

Jan 06. 2007

NEW VIDEO : Basement - 7 min 29 - 40 mb

It is late, a young slut, wearing only lingerie, nightrobe and high heels, sneaks out of her parents appartement and go to the building underground for a smoke. Someone is watching her for longtime...She is chloroformed, tape gagged, fondled. Hands and ankles tied up, she is raped and let there to be found.

Dec 26. 2006

2 new photosets

Dec 20. 2006

3 new photosets

Dec 14. 2006

NEW VIDEO : The receptionist - 3.36 min

Late at night, a receptionist is chloroformed and left tied up and tape gagged

( smoking, handgag, chloro, bondage)

Dec 9, 2006

New photoset : "Having fun"


Dec 3. 2006

3 new photosets

Nov 27, 2006

New photoset : "After hours"


Nov 16. 2006

2 new photosets

Nov 10. 2006

3 new photosets

Nov 5. 2006

NEW VIDEO : Left alone - 2.50 min

2 guys are making a bondage photoshoot with a girl and they leave her alone, bound in the yard


Oct 29, 2006

3 new photosets

Oct. 22. 2006

New Video : "The hitchicker "- 7.19 min

Oct 16, 2006

3 new photosets

Oct 10, 2006

3 photosets

Oct 04, 2006

New Video : "Juliana's mission PART 2"- 5 min

Part 2 : bondage/carrying

Sep 28, 2006

New Video : "Juliana's mission PART 1"- 5 min22

Part 1 : Ko/Sleepy

Sep 20, 2006

New Video : "kidnapped Dom"- 5 min48

Sep 12, 2006

New Video : Remake of "Natural Born killers" - 6 min41

Sep 06, 2006

New photoset : "Booted and naked"


Aug 31, 2006

New Video : "Juliana in fur" ( smoking/BJ/chloro/bondage)

And a new guest gallery

Aug 24, 2006

New photostory : "Rich Bitch"


Aug 18, 2006

New Video : "Blonde Hooker" ( 10 min = smoking/bondage)

Aug 10, 2006

New Video : "Foot" ( 7 min = foot fetish/ko/tied up and gagged)

Aug 03

4 new photosets

July 27

New Video : "Privacy" ( 5 min 42 = ko/tape)

July 19

New Video : "Taped" ( 7 min 48 = Attack /nude bondage)

July 11

New Photoset : Jenny

July 06

New Video : "Bride" ( 7 min 03 - chloro/bondage)

July 01

New Photoset : Cindy in jeans

June 25

New Video : "The Secretary" ( 4 min 15 )

June 19 2006

New Photostory : The Joke

June 12

Full lenght New Video : "scream photographer" ( 11 min 50 )


June 06

New Photostory : Home Invasion

June 03

New Photostory : bad dream

May 27

Full lenght New Video : "Kidnapped Girl" ( 6 min 12 )


May 20

Full lenght New Video : "Boots and jeans" ( 13 min 33 )


May 12

Full lenght New Video : "Obsession" ( 12 min 27 )

May 03


April 25

2 Photosets


Party Girl

April 18

2 Photosets

In The Forest



April 10

2 Photostories


Japanese Style

March 30

Photostory : Ritual

150 pics, including chloro and bondage

March 23

3 new videos

March 16

New Photoset - Angelina - casual/smoking/bondage - 145 new pics

March 10

New Photostory - Bad Secretary - 100 new pics

A secretary, in mini dress and stockings, is caught enjoying herself in the office...Her boss wants his part of fun too...

March 04

New Video - lenght 5 min 39

Bound and abused ( bondage and sleepy )

Feb 25

New Photostory - Breakdown (chloro/bondage)

Feb 19

New Video - lenght 5 min 45

Chloroformed, cuffed hands and feet and deeply fondled

Feb 13

2 new Photostories


A tourist is kidnapped


Two girls on the road

Feb 06

new video

In the woods

We toke a student in the woods for some "voyeur video"...she ends up tied up and gagged

Jan 29 - 2006

Fetish Bondage - 6 min 40 video - leather/bondage/chloro

Jan 20

Jeans bitch - 5 min video - smoking/chloro/bondage

Jan 15

new clip

Help me!

Jan 12 - 2006

3 new clips

Jan 06, 2006

Dec 29 - 2005

Dec 23 - 2005

Dec 18

Dec 12

3 new clips

Dec 05

Night Duty

Nov 27

3 new clips, special sleepy

Nov 21

photoset - smoking- bondage - 158 pics

Nov 16

photoset Laura


Nov 12

video Anya

Nov 07

Nov 03

Oct 30

Oct 23
2 photosets

Oct 18
2 photosets

Oct 11
 VIDEO - 8 min- 40 mb

Smoking - erotic and distressed...


Oct 05
Hotel Trap (bondage/smoking/solo & couple)

Sep 27
BOOTS (chloro/bondage/stockings/boots)

Sep 22
  2 new photostories - 83 new pics

Victim of the vampire

Asian in boots

Sep 17
 VIDEO : CallGirl Agnes, smoking then tied up and gagged in the closet

Sep 11

Sep 04
 Melany - 140 new pics

Aug 30
 photostory "Streetwalker "

Aug 24
 photostory "Home Robbery"

Aug 17
 photostory "Working Girl"

Aug 10
 VIDEO - 14 min 46 - 4 Girls - 76 mb

4 Girls and a guy take a trip for the week-end. Unfortunately for them, the manor's owner is schizo. They will soon all end tied up and gagged...

Aug 05
 photostory "Housegirl"

July 24
 "The Brother"

July 20

July 15
NEW photostory "Maniac"

July 11

Photostory , smoking, boots and bondage

July 05

2 new Photostories

July 01

2  Photostories

June 28
NEW VIP bound clip

June 23
 Amerie Video part2

June 19

 Amerie Video 

June 15

Adine Video

June 6

2  picture sets

June 03

Asako Video

May 31

3  picture sets

May 28

Gina Video

May 25

New picture set : Cathy

May 22

Superheroine Video (smoking & Bondage)

May 18

 Picture set : Lesbians

May 15

Equestrians Video

May 11

New picture set : Leather 2 (chloro/bondage)

May 07

2 new videos, Scarves bondage & smoke/bondage

May 04

Lorena ( bondage & smoking - 112 pics)

April 30

Latex Video